Nail care paste with royal jelly + anniversary competition!

I went to a manicure recently. It was my second time and I generally felt like I went somewhere on my own after a hundred years. I happily left the children at school, spent almost one hour going there, then had my tired nails filed and went back feeling glorious with my shiny nails. Most of you probably know what a P-shine manicure is but I had no idea and wanted to try. I liked having someone taking care of my nails, however, I really wanted to make the nutritive mixture by myself. And so the tutorial for homemade peashiiiiine was born. Moreover, today is the first anniversary of this blog and I have for you a giveaway of 2 bee product cosmetic packages. Continue reading if you want to participate.

Cherry stone heat pillow

When you’ve had kids for a while, your arms have probably become much stronger. And to keep the universe balanced, something else usually becomes weaker – your back, knees or whatever bears the weight of your children when you carry them. Luckily the nature gives us a helping hand here and that hand are in fact cherry stones. I will show you how to make a heat pillow from them that will relieve the pain and also look nice. (more…)

Snow white apron

My girls like to help me in the kitchen and they like doing it dressed up in costumes. Our kitchen has already brought down one Frozen dress because SOMEONE refused to take it off for the Christmas baking. And so I though to solve the problem and make both sides happy by making a princess dress apron.

Activity board

Probably every stay at home parent gets into phase when they wake up at the verge of mental breakdown and cannot imagine surviving yet another day. And for us – the temporarily desperate parents – the activity toys were invented. Their objective is to keep the little ones entertained quietly for a while. Today I bring you some inspiration and one of the two toys we made for our never-tired little devil Mina. And as you can see, our daddy is pretty creative, too!

Science experiment: The Fire Snake

Being the Creative Mom makes people thing I’m all about the cakes and cushions, my kids wear only home-sewn clothes, my kitchen is probably pink and all my close ones get hand knitted sweaters for Christmas. Some of those things might be true but you know what? I like science pretty much, too. It’s my husband who really knows about science but that does not mean that I don’t know a thing or two. Therefore, my next tutorial isn’t going to be all fluffy, soft and peachy. It’s going to be dark. And smelly. And pretty awesome.

Oh yes, and it’s totally educational, so if you want to get your kids interested in science, this is a great way to start! (more…)