Activity board

Probably every stay at home parent gets into phase when they wake up at the verge of mental breakdown and cannot imagine surviving yet another day. And for us – the temporarily desperate parents – the activity toys were invented. Their objective is to keep the little ones entertained quietly for a while. Today I bring you some inspiration and one of the two toys we made for our never-tired little devil Mina. And as you can see, our daddy is pretty creative, too!

Science experiment: The Fire Snake

Being the Creative Mom makes people thing I’m all about the cakes and cushions, my kids wear only home-sewn clothes, my kitchen is probably pink and all my close ones get hand knitted sweaters for Christmas. Some of those things might be true but you know what? I like science pretty much, too. It’s my husband who really knows about science but that does not mean that I don’t know a thing or two. Therefore, my next tutorial isn’t going to be all fluffy, soft and peachy. It’s going to be dark. And smelly. And pretty awesome.

Oh yes, and it’s totally educational, so if you want to get your kids interested in science, this is a great way to start! (more…)

Amish stumpwork

I’ve been wanting to learn this embroidery technique for some time now. Somehow there was no time, occasion or a convenient object to embroider so this idea stayed in my drawer. Then the best possible occasion came out of nowhere. I joined the project called Ježíškova vnoučata (Jesus grandkids – baby Jesus brings Christmas presents in my country) which gathers people who bring presents to the elderly who live in nursing homes and have no family and noone to visit then. I picked a wish of a very nice and jolly grandpa who wanted a flower embroidered cushion.

Chestnut animals

Is there a smell or a feeling that reminds you of your childhood? For me it’s the look at the ripe chestnuts. Most of the Czechs know this typical autumn activity from home and school. It is fun for kids as well as adults. I bring you a simple tutorial to create a chestnut giraffe and a few photos of other animals we’ve made.  (more…)

How to make a Halloween brain cake

“Braaaains!” – does this quote sound familiar? If so, maybe you know the movie that inspired this Halloween cake. We don’t really celebrate Halloween at home but we won’t miss an opportunity to put costumes on, make an original cake and have some fun. And so I bring you my first Halloween tutorial for a cake. I will show you how to make a cake that not only looks very real but also tastes good. (more…)

3 kids’ crafts for a rainy day

The summer is definitely over, the St. Martin’s summer doesn’t seem to be coming, it’s raining and one doesn’t really feel like spending the day outdoors. Although the kids could spend the day skipping in the puddles and playing in the wet sand but you can’t do that all day and what then? I like to play with my children in a creative way and I’ll let you take a peek into our creative workshop. Maybe you can get inspired for a rainy day, too. Moreover, I have a special use for each of these techniques which I will show you as well. (more…)