The Science Behind Foams

Foams are a great culinary invention. They can be traditional as well as modern, they can be decorative and at the same time taste well. You can be really creative with the color, density, texture and airiness of the foam. There are quite a few foaming agents and tools that you can use to make foams but I would like to show you the basic foams and how to make them using the ingredients and equipment that you already have at home or that is easy and inexpensive to get. (more…)

Miniature armchair

Do you have a dollhouse at home? We do and sometimes I think it should be rather mine than the girls’. I enjoy making miniatures and one day I would like to make my for Victorian dollhouse. For now I practice making simple furniture, today’s tutorial is to one of such simple pieces, the miniature armchair that is about 3,5 x 2 x 2 cm. Moreover, this is a good project if you want to recycle a little. (more…)

The Miraculous Boneset

The boneset (comfrey, knitbone, Symphytum officinale) is a great gift of the nature that helps heal a lot of ailments. You can find it all over the Czech Republic but especially in higher altitudes. The whole plant can be used although the root is the most potent part and it’s collected in spring and autumn. I set off to the field twice a year with a spade to find and dig this plant with purple blossoms.  (more…)

Dollhouse in a suitcase

In the Czech republic it is common to receive a small cardboard suitcase when you’ve had a baby. You might find some useful things in it like a bottle, a pacifier, baby laundry detergent…lately however, I find there are more and more advertising papers. I didn’t want to throw out the suitcase itself and whilst I used the first one for storage, I decided to turn the second one into a dollhouse. (more…)