Toilet cleaning bombs

If there’s a housework I really dislike, it’s the bathroom cleaning. I don’t like it especially because of all the vapors from the bleach and other cleaning substances. I try to substitute them with homemade detergents such as these toilet bombs. (more…)

Oil mixture for hair and skin

We are spending the summer break in the south where the tap water has been replaced by lava and a five minute walk to the store feels like a whole-day-march in a dessert. The seaside is much better, however, the weather has an effect on the skin and the hair and that is why I brought my favorite oil mixture. (more…)

Pallet planter

Here’s the new addition to our terrace garden – the pallet planter! Between the household, the family and the rest of the field I never had enough time to take care of our strawberries which needed especially constant weeds removing. And so we decided to move the strawberries to a planter with a substrate in which there will never grow so much weed (or so I hope).  (more…)

Homemade DeGreaser

As I already said, I really don’t like all the vapors and chemicals in the usual detergents, bleach etc. I try to make most of the cleaners we use and this time I would like to show you how to make an ecological and skin-friendly grease remover. I use it especially to clean the kitchen. (more…)

The Science Behind Foams

Foams are a great culinary invention. They can be traditional as well as modern, they can be decorative and at the same time taste well. You can be really creative with the color, density, texture and airiness of the foam. There are quite a few foaming agents and tools that you can use to make foams but I would like to show you the basic foams and how to make them using the ingredients and equipment that you already have at home or that is easy and inexpensive to get. (more…)

Miniature armchair

Do you have a dollhouse at home? We do and sometimes I think it should be rather mine than the girls’. I enjoy making miniatures and one day I would like to make my for Victorian dollhouse. For now I practice making simple furniture, today’s tutorial is to one of such simple pieces, the miniature armchair that is about 3,5 x 2 x 2 cm. Moreover, this is a good project if you want to recycle a little. (more…)